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The core business of the Apollo Group is the design, manufacturing, sales and installation of components as well as complete integral solutions for mechanical handling and transport installations for the bulk and the packed goods industry.

The Apollo Group celebrates new factory in Thailand

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Not one, not two, but three production facilities  

Bangkok (Thailand), June 13, 2017 – Today, Claudia van den Pol, CEO of the Apollo Group, opened a new production facility in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Alongside with guests from all over the world, the new Thai team and Karel Hartogh (Ambassador of the Netherlands Embassy in Bangkok), Claudia celebrated not the first, not the second, but the third APOLLO factory.

Part of the Apollo Group
At this 1600 square meter complex, the well known APOLLO Spiral Conveyors will be manufactured by a new team of production and office employees. The new location is part of the Apollo Group, but carries its own name: Apollo VTS ASIA Ltd. They’ve been producing and selling Spiral Conveyors for several months, but today APOLLO is celebrating their official opening.


The celebrating started with the blessing of monks, called Kuhn Bahn Mai in Thailand. It is a Buddhist tradition in Thailand that offers protection and safety for the blessed building. After the blessing, the Ambassador of the Netherlands Embassy in Bangkok, Karel Hartogh and the guests arrived. The Ambassador and Claudia opened the day with a speech and than held an official ribbon-cutting ceremony. This ment the doors of the new APOLLO factory were officially open. This was celebrated with a factory tour for the guest, so they could really get to know the new APOLLO location. The day ended with a get to gather in the fully decorated hall where the guests could enjoy a nice snack and drink.

Valuable floor space

Every year companies get more and more aware of the fact that floor space is a valuable thing. They want to utilise their square meters in the best way possible. This causes the Vertical Transport market to expand every year. Claudia van den Pol says: ‘’Every year we got more and more quote requests, especially for the international market. And with the promise of APOLLO to be 24/7 available and in the customers own language and environment, we had to expand. With the new location in Thailand, we can keep that promise. ‘’