Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor

Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor

''A Spiral for the Big Loads''

Big loads? No Problem!

The Apollo Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor can handle a variety of load sizes, big and small. It is ideal for warehousing and order picking operations. It reaches speeds up to 60 meter per minute and has a load capacity of 100 kg per meter. Only one motor is required, resulting in substantial savings in energy, controls and system integration. The Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor can handle products up to 900 mm.

Chain of the Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor
The chain is of heavy duty nickel plated construction and needs only infrequent lubrication. The slats are made of a nylon composite, need no maintenance and can easily be replaced as single components without the use of special tools.

Modular Design
Our innovative modular design can be customized with ease or be modified economically in the field to accommodate changing needs. All spirals are made to order and are available in 4 basic configurations, accommodating most requirements relating to the location of the in and out feed tangents. All configurations can operate up or down in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and can optionally be reversible. The position and length of the in feed tangent on up spirals and out feed tangent on down spirals can be customized to meet specific layout requirements.

Proprietary Slat Belt 
This innovative belt enables a low rolling friction operation without any sliding movements or wear strips. The belt is pulled by a heavy duty steel roller chain and the slats are supported by precision steel roller bearings which ride on a polyurethane surface. This arrangement effectively takes up the side forces created by a tight radius and at the same time increases the load carrying capacity of the belt up to 100 kg / m. This enables the spirals to start and stop fully loaded and can run at speeds up to 60 m / minute. The slats are overlapping and provide a reliable and safe conveying surface.

Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor features:

  • Product width up to 900 mm
  • Weight capacity 1.450 kg
  • Possibility to transport different load sizes at the same time
  • 100 kg / m
  • 60 m / minute
  • Ship in several pieces
  • Built in protection
  • Sustainability because only one motor is required
  • Modular design
  • Small footprint
  • Operate 24 / 7
  • Low noise level

Products Suitable

  • Bags
  • Bundles
  • Totes
  • Trays
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Containers
  • Cartons
  • Wrapped items
  • Unwrapped items

Service & Maintenance

Though the products are designed to deliver high performance
during a life time, no machine can operate without maintenance.

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