Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

“Handle small loads with this compact Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor”

The Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor
This small Spiral Conveyor is a new type added to the existing range of Apollo Spirals. The Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor is designed with the proven reliable Apollo Spiral Conveyor philosophy; rolling friction. The new chain slat arrangement in combination with the smaller base structure makes the Narrow Trak a perfect solution to transport small single items.

Saving space with the Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor
The Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor is designed to handle small loads. It is a great space saver in addition to enabling high throughput – with speeds up to 60m per minute.
The modular design concept makes it easy to customize the Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor. It offers a significantly larger elevation change capacity than what is currently available in the small package market.

Multiple applications for the Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor
The Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor brings several products from A to Z. Most common are products such as plants, pots, single cans and small crates. There are more possibilities with this type so please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out if the Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor meets your requirements.

Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor features:

  • High throughput;
  • Loads up to 25 kg/m
  • Speed: 60m/minute;
  • Small footprint;
  • Low friction operation;
  • Built in protection;
  • Easy to construct;
  • Low noise level;
  • No lubrication under the slats needed.

Service & Maintenance

Though the products are designed to deliver high performance
during a life time, no machine can operate without maintenance.

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