"Sorting products"

The Apollo Spiral Sequencer
The Apollo Spiral Sequencer creates an optimal sorting process when processing separate cases within automatic logistic systems. With mixed palletizing, it is essential to ensure the stability of stacked pallets. For this reason, it is important for products to be introduced in the right order; beginning with large and heavy products and ending with small and light ones. Further, products of a similar size must be grouped together. The Apollo Spiral Sequencer was specially developed for this task: an unordered product flow is fed to it; it in turn sorts products and puts them in the desired order.

The Spiral Sequencer consists of two spiral belts running parallel to one another, and pushers. Products flow into the Spiral Sequencer via the inner belt. Once all of the products have been fed in, the outer belt starts turning. The software determines which product is to be pushed onto the outer belt.

Service & Maintenance

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