"Inspection, overhaul, optimisation and installation"



It is important to know the condition of your machine to prevent a possible breakdown. Regular inspection by our service engineers will help you determine the condition of your machine. A careful inspection will show wear, missing parts and possible adjustments. During the inspection your machine will be inspected, tuned and greased.



An overhaul is planned in cooperation with our customers, this is to minimize the production loss. This means that revisions during the evenings, weekends and during holidays are usual for our team. This means revisions during the evenings, weekends and during holidays are usual for the Apollo Service team.



The machines of Apollo are designed in such a way that they are built upon the believe to deliver high performance during a life time. When looking at the experience that Apollo has, it is usual that the machines deliver this high performance for decades. During the 160 years of existence, Apollo never stopped developing, we keep improving the design & reliability of our machines. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities to optimize & improve your Apollo product to the standards of today.


In the past years Apollo has installed many new machines all over the world. Besides the mechanical installation we organize cabling and control cabinets and write custom made software for your application: Turnkey delivery!