Big Bale Press Light version

Big Bale Press Light version

“Where the well-known Big Bale Press 65 is too “heavy” for your capacity needs, the Light Version comes in!”

Apollo ISC created a Light Version of the Big Bale Press (BBP65), so customers can start with reasonable production capacity with less investment costs compared to the Big Bale Press 65

Capacity of the Big Bale Press Light Version
The production capacity of the Light Version is up to 17 big bales per hour in one compression cycle and 11 big bales per hour in two compression cycles (depending on infeed capacity and material specs). If there is a constant need of higher production capacity, you don’t need to buy a complete new Big Bale Press but an update on your existing BBP will be sufficient.

A 2 step investment; Upgrade the Big Bale Press Light Version
Start your big bale activity with low investment costs at your required production capacity with the Big Bale Press Light Version. When your sales has grown:
Bring your Big Bale Press Light Version to the next capacity level by changing the hydraulic and electric power pack. This results in the Big Bale Press 65, known for its reliability and quality. After the upgrade, the fully equipped Big Bale Press 65 can produce up to 30 big bales per hour. CLICK HERE <> for the technical specs of the Big Bale Press 65.

Advantages of the Big Bale Press Light version:

  • Low investment costs with the machine quality of Inter Service Coevorden;
  • Savings on foil by the pre-stretch mode and savings on the fully automatic mode;
  • Possibility to upgrade to the BBP65 without changing the basis structure of the press;
  • No need to buy an extra bunker and infeed conveyor to upgrade the production capacity;
  • No extra production surface needed.


Technical Specifications

65 tons / 200 bar
Up to 70 big bales per hour*
Electrical Supply
400V / 3 phase / 50 Hz / 125A
Press 3.0 x 3.0 x 10.3m
Roller Conveyor 2.2 x 1.3 x 0.5m
Pallet Stacker 1.7 x 1.9 x 3.1m
Total weight of the press
Apprx. 19 tons
PLC / Hydrolic System
Siemens / Parker
* Depending of the product

Service & Maintenance

Though the products are designed to deliver high performance
during a life time, no machine can operate without maintenance.

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